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Do you wish you could discern, redesign and reshape the path leading to your soul’s longings? Are you in alignment and anchored to your true being?

If you feel lost, stuck in routines, situations, and habits that are not fulfilling the greater expression of your life  you may be in the right place, at the right time to make transformative changes.

You have purpose and a divine designs that calls you to live the best life you can. As a certified Life Optimization Coach, I am passionate about working with people who are at the choice intersection of staying where they are, or moving forward to a life of complete fulfillment, joy, and innerpeace.

Serving as a safe container and trusted partner, you are supported and guided through customized self-empowering changes that get you on track to realigning with your repurposed desires.

Clients report:

Bill – “…Your work with me brought me right back to my connection with and understanding of, “Divine Mind…”

Linda – “…Your observations and comments are pearls of wisdom which provided me with information and tools which I immediately applied and continue to use daily…”

Cathy – “…Candy changed my life, providing me with spiritual guidance at a time when I really needed it…She has a vast experience dealing with all kinds of people and is realistic, yet completely compassionate…”

I have served in ministry for more than 40 years. Initially co-pastoring with my husband. Later serving as a certified Licensed Unity Teacher inspirational speaking, teaching, and facilitating workshops. I retired in 2010 from serving 11 years as spiritual leader of Unity Church of Fresno, California. Prior to that, I was a Real Estate Broker and owner of Candace, and Associates. I, also, owned Beauty Comes in All Sizes Boutique and offered workshops catering to full-figured women.

The Divine Urge pulsates within each of us to be more of who we truly are, and of who we have come here to be. I am dedicated to the principle that you can change your life at any age, stage or phase. The tools, insights, and inspiration offered are for the sole purpose of supporting you in the process of living your best life.

 If you are having difficulty navigating and finding balance in your life, have questions, need help or support you may contact me on the Contact Page, and or find links to other tools and resources on this site.




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