Once Upon a Change

“For You [God] shaped me, inside and out. You knitted me together in my mother’s womb long before I took my first breath. I will offer You my grateful heart, for I am Your unique creation, filled with wonder and awe. You have approached even the smallest details with excellence; Your works are wonderful; I carry this knowledge deep within my soul”  —– Psalms 139:14,15 – The Voice Bible

Of course you and I know that the destiny of the caterpillar is to evolve into a beautiful butterfly.  But did you know that the caterpillar has to go through a stage of becoming mush in order for the imago cells within it to “birth” the potential beautiful butterfly into form?  Although, the caterpillar rocks in the caterpillar stage,  in order to evolve into its next rocking stage of freedom, beauty and beingness, it has to release the  image that it has held of itself of being limited to earthbound crawling.  What a story the butterfly must have of what that transitional mush phase was like.  Of course, if the caterpillar had choice as humans do, it could make up a story of how when it saw a butterfly flying, it said, ‘You’ll never catch me in one of those contraptions.’  Or it could tell the story that it gained everything by releasing the caterpillar body in order to become its more expansive self as a butterfly.

Everybody has a story, and I love stories that speak to the process of growth and transformation. Especially the transformation that happens in peoples lives–through choice–as they grow from one stage and phase of their life to the next.  And yet, as we know, the path that leads toward the manifestation of our wishes, desires, and dreams, is often imprinted with deep skid marks from the heels of our resistance to the process.  Of course, unless we have come to trust our inner guidance, It’s not always clear, whether we are moving toward or away from what it is we say we want.

Let me ask you, are you happy with the way your life is unfolding?  Is the work that you’re doing satisfying and meaningful?  Do you want to improve your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers?  Are you fulfilled spiritually? What stories are you telling yourself?  Are they possibility or impossibility stories?  Perhaps your story is of not being enough, or being too much,  Or maybe it’s about being unlovable or unworthy.  How about the story of not belonging or that it’s just too late for you?  Do you ever ask yourself if they are true?  “All suffering that goes on inside our minds is not reality,” says Byron Katie.  “It’s just a story that we torture ourselves with.”   Not only have I experienced this, but over the years of ministry, I have counseled  many who have experienced how much a false story of who you are will hold you back from your desires, wishes and dreams.  Let me share with you one of those stories.

Once Upon a Time Story

 A facsimile of Daisy at a young age
A facsimile of Daisy at a young age

My introduction online blog is a true, ‘once upon a time’ transformational story about Daisy, a young black girl, who like most of us at one time or another, asked similar questions.  I have changed her name and picture to protect her innocence.  Daisy, by the young  age of 17 was not only a high school dropout, but had been arrested for petty theft, and she was an unwed mother.  You might imagine, back in the 40s growing up in a small town with the label of “good girl”, how bereft she was with shame and guilt, feeling she had betrayed her image of being a “good girl”, and therefore, was a disgrace to herself, her family and even the people of the small town.  Growing up  in an era where other than domestic or farm work, there were not many models of career opportunities for people of color, and the foreboding cloud of despair and hopelessness of ever achieving a meaningful, fulfilling future, may partly account for how she allowed herself to remain in an emotional and physically  abusive relationship for more than 7 years.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

However, the good news is that by the age of 35 Daisy’s life had begun to turn around.  She had become a  “born again” Christian.  She had married.  She had graduated from adult evening school with a high school diploma, and continued her education through many college and ministry courses.   She was hired into her first clerical position as a file clerk/receptionist and many of the dreams she had deemed to be futile and impossible, had now begun to materialize. The tipping point for her was the realization and personal experience of God’s love for her and humanity through Jesus the Christ.

Thus, Daisy’s spiritual  journey began, and by the age of  57 her journey had evolved from an emphasis and belief of herself as a “sinner saved by grace” into more expansive transformational “New Thought/Ancient Wisdom” teachings.  These metaphysical teachings take the bible seriously, as inspired and sacred, but not necessarily literally.  The emphasis on human beings being innately good as a result of being created in the image of an omnipotent Power and omniscient, benevolent Presence was a new thought that totally rocked the the foundations of her belief system.

Although, Daisy had been spiritually hungering for something more, this was a quantum leap of faith and  stage of growth for her.  In order to embrace the unfamiliar teachings and transformation that was happening inwardly, the lessons she had been taught and learned about the Holy Spirit leading us into all truth, proved to be invaluable.  Listening to the inner impulses of Spirit guided her choice to focus on the inner peace that she was experiencing in her heart. Listening and trusting her heart rather than the turbulence that was happening in her head as her core beliefs were being shaken at their foundations, was a different, although delicious experience for Daisy.  Carly Fiorina reminds us that  “Every experience in life, whether humble or grand, teaches a lesson.  The question is not if the lesson is taught, but rather if it is learned.”   Daisy’s choice to follow her inner guidance eventually led her out of her mush stage to another level of growth and transformation.  You might say that she had another “born again” experience.

Daisy reports that she had been happily married for 50 years—never considering divorce, but murder, yes!  😀    She joyfully served in the ministry as founding and co-pastor of House of Prayer For All Nations with her husband, teaching classes, facilitating workshops, and radio broadcasting.   Although more recently retired, she served as spiritual leader of Unity Church of Fresno for 12 years. Oh yes, she also reports that her first clerical job as file clerk/receptionist evolved to where 12 years later she had moved up her career ladder to become a Supervising Principal Clerk teaching and training clerical staff in the highest position offered clerical staff in the County at that time. 

The Big Reveal

Aha,  I am certain that it hasn’t been lost on you that I, Candy Preston, am that youngJoyfully Embracing Life black girl.  Regardless of your age, phase or stage of your life’s journey, I want to welcome you to my Inner Dimensions Blog site,   At 86 I continue to serve God and humanity as a Certified Inner Dimension Life Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, and I am excitedly launching this, my first online blog.  Now that I have given you an overview of my story, you might imagine how my journey involves many lessons that I have learned, teach and guide others in what I refer to as, opportunities for growth.

Rocking Star of Faith                                             Or Rocking Chair Stuck

So, let me ask you, are you rocking (expressing, displaying, shining your inner light) with your uniqueness and talents? Are you displaying your talents like the three-year-old playing the violin?  Or Shining your inner light like the nun’s chorus?   Or rocking like the 105 year old volunteer who has been lighting up the room and inspiring patients at the Banner Boswell Medical Center for over 16 years?  Click on my Rocking Video Page above to see these folks in action.

On the other hand, could it be that through your challenge, you are rocking it with your courage to love and forgive yourself and others as you put one foot in front of the other knowing that this too shall pass?  “Transformation doesn’t have to be deep, dark, and mysterious.”  As Iyanla VanZant writes,  “If you screw up, fine—laugh at yourself, learn, and move on.”  And I add, celebrate every step of progress seen or unseen.

However, if your life feels like it’s in the mush stage of transition right now, and you find you are stuck in the rocking chair of victimhood hoping that something or someone will change, consider what Erin Ramsey writes about moving to the next stage, “Our authentic spirits and greatest destinies are roused with courage, joy, gratitude and compassion through love and service.”  And I add, it’s our choice.

This blog site is dedicated to be a safe place to remind and affirm your innate worth and divinity and to support you in accessing your inner “G” [God} spot of faith and power of choice.  Most importantly, as Brene Brown, PHD, LMSW maintains, “Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do.”   And I add, our life and how we live it through grace….is our choice. 

I trust that you will find my weekly posts to be encouraging, supportive and empowering regardless of your age, phase or stage in life.  

What stage, phase or age of life are you in?  And are you loving yourself in the story you telling yourself?  Share your rocking story by clicking on the comment section above.

LOL  =  Lots Of Love                                                                           Candy Preston

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