Finding Your WOW!

Candy Preston“God whispers to us in our pleasure, speaks to us in our conscience, and shouts to us in our pain…..”                   –C.S. Lewis

You Can Find the WOW!

Remember Art Linkletter’s TV program, “Kids Say the Darndest Things”?  When 3rd graders were told that it’s the small moments that make life wonderful, and it’s the little things for which we can be grateful, they responded with Whow! Woow! or was it…WOW!  Of course, we are welcome to use any spelling we prefer, because the energy in that exclamation vibrates as amazing, awesome, and other expressions like fabulous.  And, we get it without explanation, don’t we?

Cactus by Youssouf
Cactus by Youssouf

While we are talking about kids and their expressions, do you remember as a child the word “Owie”, many children commonly used to describe an injury?  Clearly knowing  they would receive a hug or kiss from mommy or the caregiver, in addition to whatever medical care was necessary.  And very often, just the attention of love and empathy to your Owie experience was enough to transform it into less need for medical attention?  Isn’t it interesting how a seemingly insignificant incident can spark memories of some long-ago experience?

For some reason, hearing about the 3rd graders response, a memory was triggered of a chorus I use to sing in my early traditional christian days, titled, “I am standing in the Presence of the Lord.”  Singing that chorus usually followed a time of prayer and praise, with subsequent tangible awareness of the Presence of God in and around me.  My orientation and belief at that time, primarily was of God outside of me somewhere in the distant heaven, who is now present in my awareness as a result of my devotion and worship.

God, Here And Now

This triggered memory had the affect of a WOW moment of gratitude, as it reminded me of my current orientation and belief, which is, wherever I am, God is, and life is wonderful.  The title of that chorus (that’s all I can remember), “I am Standing in the Presence of the Lord,” has become a renewed chant singing itself within me, as I express it outwardly going about my various tasks throughout the day.  I consciously change the word ‘standing’ to fit whatever it is I am doing, like sitting, walking, driving, brushing my teeth, washing the dishes, etc.,  In doing so, I am experiencing the awareness of the Divine Presence within me, as me, more tangibly and heightened to the here and right now moment. And, I am noticing that by making the most of this inspirational  memory, it is supporting my intention of being more mindful and aware of the present moment.

Look For The Good

Are you waiting to win the lottery or for your ship to come in, before experiencing or expressing your WOW?  Is your current life situation evoking within you an Owie of dismay, rather than a WOW of amazement?  Rabbi Harold Kushner, writes, “If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul.”    

Bouquet by Youssouf
Bouquet by Youssouf

No matter what phase, stage, or age we are in, we all have those Owie moments, causing WOW moments at times, to be overlooked.  But choosing to be conscious and grateful for the small moments, allows you to hear and respond with WOWs to the whispers of the wonders of God’s love and good that is available within you, desiring to be awakened and expressed through you, as you.

5 Steps To Finding Your WOW

“The good person brings good [WOW] things out of the good [WOW] stored in him/her.”  Candy’s paraphrased version of Matthew 12:35

  • Be still and listen for the WOW   =   Whispers Of Wonder
  • Acknowledge that it is good to be alive in this day, this place, and this moment with things just as they are.
  • Be truly thankful for all that is, and for your opportunity to experience it.
  • Look for the good in the person you are with; in the activity you are doing and speak words of praise..
  • Savor the process when you can’t have it all now, and be grateful for the small moments, thereby, transforming OWIE  into   =        Oh!  Winning  Inhabits  Empathy     Life is wonderful.

Look for the good and praise it.  The possibilities for joy and WOW experiences are more abundant now, than ever before.  As David the Psalmist said, whether it is light [WOW]  or dark [Owie], it is all the same to God, therefore you are NOW and always standing in the Divine Presence of the Lord of your being!

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LOL  =  Lots Of Love,                                                                                Candy



If You Think You Can Or Can’t, You Are Right

“…Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think Candy Prestonabout things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.”   Philippians 4:8   New Living Translation

You Are What You Think

During my youth phase, I was a rough and tumble tomboy, not a girlie girl at all.  Growing into adulthood some of my predominant thoughts and images of myself, were as ‘a bull in a china closet,’ ‘not having a creative bone in my body,’  ‘unable to grow plants,’ and I would laughingly say ‘even cactus die under my care.’   Guess what… back in the day (70s), before I understood the power of our thoughts, my experience of those statements was that they were true.  Before I understood about the Law Of Attraction, the aphorism, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” gradually began to awaken within me the question as to whether some of my thoughts and words actually were true. Which came first the belief, then the experience or the  experience, then the belief?

A Radiant Flying Creation
Radiant Creation

In other words, what would I experience if I changed my thoughts and beliefs to, I’m enough, valuable, wise, beautiful, creative and powerful?

Self- Examination 

Creating a self-imposed experiential mind laboratory, I began consciously watching, catching and changing the thoughts and images of myself. Changing my former thoughts and words to affirmations of value and worth  became more like, “I radiate beauty and charm, and I walk with ease and grace.” “Creative energy surges through me and leads me to new radiant ideas.” And, “I have been given endless talents which I begin to utilize today and plants flourish under my care.”  Aha!  As I changed my “stinking thinking”—Zig Ziglars’ name for negative and limiting thinking— gradually my experiences changed. To name a few changes, I became less clumsy.  My creativity began emerging and plants begin flourishing under my loving care.                                                                          

What We Think and Feel is What We Create

Are there areas in your life that you want to expand or develop? I came to understand that repetitive thoughts develop into beliefs that may have at one time served us, but now, no longer do.  And, according to the Law of Attraction, we don’t attract what we want, we attract what we think, feel and believe.  Consequently, I have come to believe that with every emotion we feel, we send out energy that either contributes to the construction or destruction of what we want.


What is your belief?  Do you believe you are a vibrational being?  Do you believe the universe is vibrational?  Do you believe the universe is friendly and conspires for your good?  Do you believe your deeply held thoughts and feelings create your experience?  It may not be absolutely true that we create everything that happens in our lives, or that we can directly choose and control every circumstance. But, by accepting responsibility (without blame or judgment) for everything, you empower yourself to choose thoughts that indirectly shape how you experience your circumstance.  As a result you become the source rather than the effect of your experience.  You are empowered instead, to be at choice and growth, rather than stuck and victim of chance.


   4 Steps to Renewing Your Mind                                                                         

A Radiant Flying Creation
Radiant Creation

1.  Get clear on What Your deep Desires Are. To consciously change thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you, begin gently practicing becoming aware of your thoughts.  Folks who study this kind of phenomenon, say that the average person thinks  more than 60,000 thoughts a day and most of these thoughts are repetitive. In noticing your thinking patterns, you may discover they are not in alignment with your core desires.  This awareness provides you with the opportunity to replace them with thoughts and affirmations that are harmonious with what is wanting to emerge as your true radiant authentic self.  “Our mind is a portion of universal mind which is responsive to our convictions and habitual states of consciousness.”Writes Ellen Grace O’Brian as she continues to say, “Dwelling in God conscious awareness magnetize our minds to seek and to attract the highest good.

2.  Have a Spiritual Practice. Rather than resist thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you, treat them with compassion.  In keeping with the adage —what we resist, persists –notice them, and let them pass through you, they are not you. With consistent practice, over time you will develop ways of relating to your non-preferred thoughts without judgment of them or yourself.  Simply noticed that they are providing you with information that reveals there is more inner healing work to do, and you are again at the powerful choice point of letting go of what is not serving your highest good.   I try to treat those non-preferred thoughts and feelings with humor and my spiritual practice is to treat them as if they were a little baby wanting my attention, and gently sing them the lullaby phrase “… La La La La,” and say,  “I hear you, but go to sleep little baby.”  And I then begin moving toward focusing on what I want.

3.  Be Patient With Yourself.  Changing habitual habits and patterns can happen immediately, but for most of us it’s a gradual process.  The good news is you are not alone. The universe is always conspiring for your good. One of the keys to making this phase and stage of transformation easier, is to feel good.  Good feelings happen when we focus on the things that bring us joy, that are true, loving, kind and beautiful.  In the song Feel Good by Lira-—- Click on Rocking Videos above to see/listen to the awesome words—-there is a line that says, “Feeling good is a choice we all make…I am going to live this day as best I can…”    I love that line because it embraces the Abraham-Hicks teachings of, “The better you feel, the more you are allowing your Connection to your Source.  The worst you feel, the less you are allowing your Connection to your Source.” And yes, I know, it’s easier said than done. It does take deep desire and commitment .  Hmmm!  Is that’s why it’s called practice?

4.  Sustain and Maintain the New Habit.  It is commonly said that In order to change a habit, it is recommended to practice the new behavior for 21 days.  In a recent PBS special, Wayne Dyer shared this insight, “There is something within that wants to separate us from mediocrity and wants us to continue to grow.” That being said, If you want to anchor the change, then I recommend a minimum of 90 days, or as long as it takes of gently practicing and being  lovingly compassionate with yourself, especially,  when you deviate from your holy intention.  As Abraham-Hicks maintains,  “The journey is ongoing and you can’t get it wrong.”  Therefore doing what works for you is what’s most important.

I would love to hear what practices you have found that work for and empower you in the renewing process of your mind and consequently the transformation of your life.

LOL  =  Lots Of Love