Daring To Be Vulnerable

Candy Preston“To exist is to change, to change is too mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”  -Henri Bergson

Been There, Done That

It’s good to recognize that you have  “been there, done that” with patterns of experiences you don’t want to repeat. However, when you respond to that thought in a manner that suggest you already know all there is to know about that particular subject, you often find it can prevent you from expanding into what is wanting to emerge as a new possibility in you, through you, as you.

I don’t usually share in a public forum something that I am personally desiring to manifest. Just so you know, I have not yet manifested the desire I am sharing with you in this post. However, the process as it is unfolding, is so empowering for me that I feel compelled to share my experience with you in the vulnerable space of not yet having a known outcome.

I love traveling, especially on cruise ships. Realistically, at 86 I am fully aware that I am unable to do that without support. In the back of my mind, I found myself lightly and laughingly holding the thought that it would be nice to have a companion. And, that ultimately our relationship would result in marriage and ideally travel. WOW! Even though, as you know, I am a strong advocate of the notion that you can change your life at any age, phase or stage, I feel extremely vulnerable saying this out loud. However, after dismissing the “been there, done that” thought that was clouding my mind with limiting thoughts like, “don’t be silly”, I experienced a creative space of openness and boldness. From a childlike frame of mind, I decided to bring this vague desire into the forefront, and put to sleep or at least dismiss for the moment those limiting thoughts, by engaging in the tried-and-true 5-step manifestation process of creating by design that I posted in my last blog.

The object of this post is to use my personal experience to illustrate  how this simple process can work on many levels to expand your awareness of connection to Source and how life is about the journey, not the destination.  I am trusting whether this is a new or old concept to you, that as you read, you will put your own desire/want/dream in the place of mine, in order to experience how it may work for you.  As Gilda Radner puts it, “Life… Is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity. “  As we know, being vulnerable requires transparency and courage, so, here we go:

 My 5-Step Evolving Journey

Write down all your desires:  Being specific is essential. Therefore, the qualities that I envision this male companion possessing are, spirituality, good health, strong, kind, gentle, considerate, respectful, patient, truthful, generous; having integrity, a sense of humor; financially secure, a good cook, and a love for travel.  Hmmm, I know, he sounds like Mr. Perfect, doesn’t he!

List them in order of their importance: After writing my list of qualities, my practice is to create a notebook with graphics and pictures that illustrate symbolically what it is I am envisioning. Which I did.  See if you can identify any of my list of qualities in the graphic pages below that I photographed from my notebook.

One of the graphics that I came across was a 8 1/2 x 11 picture of a pair of strong, mature hands clasped together with the caption “Hands are for holding, lifting, and comforting; for hanging on and letting go.”  I had several epiphanies when I read this. First, I thought OMG this succinct statement says it all.

Hands Representing Strength
Hands Representing Strength

This is exactly what I want in a companion. Secondly, when I noticed that my list didn’t include romance or love, and neither did my graphics limit the ethnicity of this desired companion to one race, I realized this companion could be either a male or female, and  of any race. WOW! Had I not written down the list of qualities, and created my visual notebook, I’m not sure I would have captured this expanded possibility

Prepare to receive your amazing good. I consider these steps very spiritual. As you have probably noticed if you are following my posts, I love including scripture verses and quotes from various sources. The third epiphany occurred for me when I recalled and was reminded of the powerful scripture that informs me God’s hand is always with me, guiding and upholding me. David the Psalmist states it this way, “If I go up to the heavens you are there [holding]; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there [lifting & comforting]. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.”   – Psalms 139:8-10 (bracketed words are mine)  

Take inspired action. I have my notebook standing upright on my desk, so that the photo of the hands are front-and-center as a visual reminder.  Also, my notebook is easily accessible for me to review the contents at least twice a day. Reviewing in the morning and in the evening reinforces and makes anchoring my thoughts, feelings and beliefs align more easily with the vibration of my desire. Acting as if you have already received your desires, is less necessary for me in this situation because my newly expanded perspective provides a fourth epiphany, even though not yet manifested in physical form, I see that I already have what it is I want.

Be the Change You Want To See 

As we know, in order to be a point of attraction, it is important to become the qualities of what it is we want. Because I believe that the qualities of Spirit—The New Testament refers to them as fruit of the Spirit—are within us, I see my inner work as continuing the process of letting go of the conditioning, programming and error beliefs that have covered up aspects of my authentic self. I see my journey as coming home to who I truly have been created to be. Therefore, the qualities from my list that I am choosing to uncover, reveal and express more of this time, are kindness, caring and patience.

Celebrate. The truth is, in deep gratitude I celebrate my blessings daily. Now reminding myself in a new and fresh way that I already have Mother/Father God as my constant companion evokes even more gratitude and celebration.

As I’ve said,  I haven’t yet physically manifested my desired companion. Yet, I trust that you will be inspired by my vulnerability in sharing my in- the-moment experience. And that you will appreciate  how this 5-step model of creating  by design can be a life enhancing journey, as you go/grow toward manifesting your desired destination.

Do you believe when you share your vulnerability, you give others permission to do the same?

How do you process limiting thoughts like “been there, done that”?

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LOL  =  Lots Of Love,