Pt 2 – Unleashing The Power Of Praise

Candy Preston
Candy Preston

“I know that any seed words that are planted in Omnipresent Spirit will germinate and grow and bring forth fruit “after their kind.” Just as the farmer selects the best seed for planting, so I must choose the words that will bring forth the rich harvest of plenty.”  ~Charles Fillmore, CoFounder of Unity


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This is the season as we gather around the turkey with family and friends when we tend to be more aware of the importance of being grateful and expression appreciation. But what about all the other days of our lives? With all of the busyness and complications of tough issues like job security, relationships, finances or health, you might questioningly say , grateful for what? Yes, I know, remembering to be grateful and express appreciation on a daily basis can be challenging. And yet, what if as the unleashing of the power of the atom changed everything, unleashing the power of genuine praise and appreciation changes everything for the good?

Sometimes the obvious answer is in the question, such as when Hafiz, Sufi poet in one of his poems poses the question, “How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all of its beauty?” Hafiz  answers, “It [rose] felt the encouragement of Light against its being…..” 


I love Hafiz’s quote because it is analogous to the power that praise and appreciation have in unleashing the often hidden potential qualities that are at the core of our being wanting and waiting to unfold and blossom . Research shows that not only do our bodily functions have a positive response when we shift our focus to the things that bless, uplift, and encourage, we are also empowered to manifest increased abundance and prosperity in every area of our life. In other words, what we appreciate… appreciates and begins to come to us of its own accord!

Attitude Adjustment

As I shared in part 1 of this post, one day during the ’70s, I knew I needed help when I received  the inner  message that ‘human beings are created with their unique expressions as it pleases God and not as it pleases me.’ However, I didn’t know how to change my way of seeing and speaking from my critical advice giving mode.

Attitude Sign
Attitude Sign

When I asked the Holy Spirit for help, what I inwardly heard was this concise statement, “First, find something to praise.” While that may sound simple, it was a huge challenge for me. Never-the-less, I set out on another one of the great learning adventures of my life. One that I continue to practice  and learn from to this day. Needless to say, there are still moments when I unconsciously offer opinions that would have been better left unsaid or at least postponed until a more appropriate time. The good news is that these moments are less frequent.

Seek and Find

Believe me, in the early learning curve of this new way of seeing and communicating, there were many moments of catching myself and holding my breath while attempting to look for something to see and say that was genuinely positive. The first opportunity I had to practice my new intention was sooner than I had anticipated. My husband, Pres, had papered the kitchen wall in our home and as was my default habit, the first thing I noticed was a section of the wallpaper pattern that didn’t match the adjoining section. I caught my breath and held it while I consciously looked for something to praise. Those moments of attempting to change my focus and comments,

Words Of Praise
Words Of Praise

allowed me to see that there was much about which I could express praise and appreciation. The hard part was not pointing out the sections that didn’t match first. When I later broached the subject of the mismatched patterns, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased at how favorably Pres received my comments. Lesson #1.

After consciously looking for ways to practice this new mode of being, I began to see the qualities my husband possessed in a different way. I began to see his kind and gentle way of relating as powerful, rather then as a sign of weakness. My growing shift in perspective allowed me to see his desire to be of service not as a distraction to our relationship, but as a reflection of his love for God, his family, the church and others. As Wayne Dyer has been known to say, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at….change,”

Words Are Spiritual Energy

Over time, expressing appreciation from my changed perspective enabled me to see more and more to praise and less to criticize. To my utter amazement, after one of my new and frequent expressions of appreciation, Pres said, “I may not be that today but if that is the way you see me, I’ll be that tomorrow!” 

Praise Stickers
Praise Stickers

Wow!  “If that’s the way you see me…” was another Aha moment for me. It opened my eyes to see how the need to be “right” under the guise of constructive criticism, was a distancing factor in our relationship. By contrast I also saw how the power of praise and appreciation was a major factor in more closely connecting with my husband. Lesson #2.  Beyond connecting, it also ignited and increased reciprocal expressions of appreciation and love within our relationship. Lesson #3.

Praise and appreciation are underutilized yet hugely valuable aspects to enhancing relationships of all kinds, as well as your relationship with finances, health, and every area of your life. Joel Osteen, minister asserts, “Until you give thanks for what is not enough you won’t see the multiplication of more than enough.”

To be continued…..

Part 3 will include powerful affirmations and declarations of appreciation and praise that by your conscious consistent practice, then, finding evidence to support your new or enhanced expressions of praise and appreciation, the promise is you will unleash more of the rich potential within you and both enlarge your experience of others and of your circumstances.

Meanwhile consider:

What is desiring to emerge, unfold and blossom through you, as you?

Whether your focus is on both your strengths and talents and of those of others?

Whether you concentrate more on what you don’t have or whether you shine the light of encouragement on what you do have?

Whether you primarily use connecting expressions of thanksgiving, gratitude, appreciation, and encouragement, or distancing and disconnecting words of discouragement and negativity?

I would love to read your comments.

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