Pt 4 – Unleashing The Power Of Praise

Candy Preston
Candy Preston

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“Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise”        Psalm 100:4

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Your Consciousness:  Thermometer Or Thermostat?

This fourth post on unleashing the power of praise digs deeper into the principle of consciously expressing gratitude as a consistent spiritual practice that lifts and aligns you with your divine essence. Steve Harvey recently made the point that women’s treasure is located  within them in a place that is hard to reach and they are sitting on it. Tony Robbins on the same show echoed Steve’s remark adding, “We all sit on our power.” Steve’s passionate support of women was referring to our sexual power. Tony was speaking of the transformative power of our mind. Combining those statements with the Jesus’ declaration that the kingdom of God is within, refers to the transcendent spiritual essence that is the core of who we truly are.

Accepting  Jesus’ assertion, “The things that I do, you can do also, and even greater, ” invites us to develop and cultivate spiritual practices that align with and give us access to this power for good within. From nature we know in order to reach things that are of value, like water, oil, diamonds or pearls, it requires digging deep for them.  While no one is spared challenges or confusion in this life,  I believe it is safe to say, everyone, consciously or not, is seeking peace, comfort and the happiness which comes from connection with their inner divine spiritual essence.

Are You Sitting On Your Power?

What if gratitude which is the parent of the qualities of praise, thanksgiving and appreciation is as Keb Mo expresses,  one of the key gateways through your thoughts and emotions which unleashes our inner power? I invite you to consider  gratitude as among the key spiritual practices that lifts you above your personal stories of pain and discomfort into the energetic field of divine infinite possibilities.  Using the analogy of a thermometer and thermostat to represent consciousness and as a gage to illustrate the range of our emotions, allows you to more clearly see how through choice we can determine to live from a higher level of empowered consciousness. The thermometer as you know, registers the temperature as it is, whereas you can set a thermostat to register the temperature that you want it to be.

In this analogy thoughts and emotions such as fear, doubt, worry, pessimism will of course, register at the lower levels of the thermometer.


Obviously, if we are emotionally hanging out in the lower levels of consciousness focused only on our current reality, the vibration of our thoughts and emotions spiral downward so that we will tend to experience more unhappiness. Needless to say, thoughts and emotions sustained at this lower level of consciousness, cause a state of mind colloquially known as an “unhappy camper.”

In this metaphorical example the higher levels of the thermometer will register the vibrational thoughts and emotions of hope, optimism, love,  joy, peace and so on. From the spiritual perspective of “The Kingdom of God is within you”—The all-good, all-power, all-peace, all-love, all-perfection—it becomes easier to see how hanging out in this elevated atmosphere is more conducive to connecting to the Infinite Presence of your inner divine spiritual essence and to the experience of more bliss, fulfillment and happiness. I love how Albert Schweitzer takes us to an even more elevated perspective beyond the feel good experience when he states, “Those who thank God much are the truly wealthy. So our inner happiness depends not on what we experience but on the degree of our gratitude to God, WHATEVER THE EXPERIENCE.”

Your Happiness Set-Point

It has been discovered that we each have a `happiness set-point,’ the genetic and learned tendency to remain at a certain level of happiness,

Happy Set-Point
Happy Set-Point

similar to a thermometer setting on a furnace. Fortunately, we are not just our genes and our environment, therefore, happiness can be a choice. It’s been shown that we can change our happiness set-points through our intention to be happy. This means moving from thermometer consciousness to thermostat consciousness.

Earl Nightingale, author and speaker, advocates, “Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future.” I believe Nightingale’s observation also applies to changing our happiness set-points. Have you noticed how happy people refuse to be victims. They have learned that blame doesn’t allow them to move forward. They have derived from experience that once you plant the seed in your brain to be more content and happy, you shift the way you see the world; when something bad happens, you can learn from it and look for new opportunities. John Milton’s quote “The mind is its own place and in itself . . . can make a Heaven of Hell . . . a Hell of Heaven,” reminds us that we have a choice in each  moment to be happy or sad.

I am reminded of my Pentecostal Christian grandmother whose mantra was “Thank you Jesus!” Without knowing it, a powerful part of the legacy she left me was her spirit of praise and consistent expression of gratitude. It didn’t matter whether the circumstance was positive or negative, I could hear her whispers of, “Thank you Jesus!” Her consistent rhythmic expression of praise and thanksgiving was her way of acknowledging and staying in the awareness that regardless of the appearance, all things are working out for good.

Cultivating Thermostat Consciousness


To put yourself on the path of higher consciousness requires remembering that the Life Force which created the heaven and earth is also within you as the core and essence of who you truly are. Spiritual practices are designed to help us remember who we truly are as a divine child created in God’s image. The consistent devotional practice of gratitude unifies your mind with this Life Force’s impulse toward good.

Thermostat Awareness and Bible References

Do you believe the Universe is friendly?

“Every good gift and perfect gift is from above [higher consciousness].”                    -James 1:17

Do you believe the Universe conspires for your good?

“Do not fear…It is the Father’s good pleasure [joy, desire]to give you the kingdom.”    -Luke 12:32

Spiritual Practice

Can you imagine that one of the gates to your spiritual essence and of experiencing more joy, fulfillment and happiness is through a consistent and sincere practice of gratitude?

“Enter into His gates ( surface mind) with thanksgiving, and into His courts [Divine Inner Presence] with Praise [gratitude, appreciation].”             -Psalm 100:4 

To amplify the practice of gratitude, learn to give thanks for challenges.  Look for the good even when it isn’t initially apparent.

“In everything give thanks for this is the will of God [harmonious alignment ] in Christ Jesus for you.”   -1 Thessalonians 5:18

Thermostat consciousness notices the variance in its thoughts and emotions. When you find yourself grazing  in the lower levels of your thoughts and emotions, realize you are at choice. By using thermostat consciousness you gently and lovingly reset your state of mind through gratitude. Through genuine and sincere thanksgiving you gradually are able to emotionally move into more vibrational alignment with your inner divine essence. You will begin unleashing the divine Presence and Power within that is called by many names, God, Life Force, Divine Intelligence, Universe, Source, etc., and begin experiencing more of the peace, joy, comfort and fulfillment that you want.

A great way to kick start or improve your spiritual practice of gratitude, is to daily list the things for which you are grateful.  Give thanks for your blessings among which are the air you breath, your freedoms, health, relationships, vocation, money. The more you implement this practice, you will begin to notice having more for which to be grateful.

To dive even deeper begin viewing your challenges as opportunities for growth and unfoldment.  Look for the good and give thanks for the lessons you are able to learn from them. See them as opportunities disguised as challenges to remind you of who you truly are, a divine child of God.

In order to fuel this practice and have more satisfying fulfillment of your deep desires, you may want to stop feeding the beliefs and activities that don’t support your journey, like negative news, movies water cooler gossip, and judgment.

As you know, I have recently had the opportunity to deepen my practice of gratitude through an eventual blessing that showed up as a flooded bathroom and partial bedroom. It required removal of all the furniture in order to retile and recarpet the floors. Was I successfully in a state of thanksgiving every moment? Of course not, but my consistent practice supported me in experiencing two months of discomfort with more ease and grace and less upset and stress. Of course, I am now very pleased and happy with my new surroundings. What was my comfortable “woman cave”, has now been transformed into my beautiful “sanctuary”.

I would love to hear about your practices for unleashing the power within you.

My practice of gratitude is heighten as by faith, I joyfully plan for a fabulous 10 day Alaska cruise in August. Giving thanks as if I already have what is necessary to take this cruise, when I initially did not have any of the necessary funds, is an even deeper application of the principle of gratitude. It requires believing and trusting that the Universe as my Source, responds according to the Law of Attraction to my passionate desire. Since launching my Go Fund Me Campaign, the funds for this long desired cruise is growing. If you feel inspired to donate to this worthy cause, please know that any donation, small or large, will joyfully be accepted. For more information click on the link below:


LOL  =  Lots Of Love