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Candy Preston
Candy Preston

“Taking care of yourself is more than taking care of yourself… it’s the sweet spot.”    -Matthew McConaughey

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Throughout my years in ministry, my sweet spot has been and continues to be that of an evolving student/teacher.  Taking care of myself means paying attention to what makes me feel most alive and developing and adhering to the spiritual practices that nurture my sense of fulfillment. I love the process of learning, growing  and becoming more of my true divine essence. I am most happy when I am raising the vibration of the world through teaching the principles that support individuals in self-empowerment to become more of their true magnificent, and awesome self. My greatest joy is witnessing the awakening of the heart and spirit of individuals to the radiant beauty of who they truly are at their essence as a divine child of God.

What is your “sweet spot”? Do you know where it is and how to connect to it? I like to think of the sweet spot as the mental state of mind of a person who is doing what makes them come alive.They experience their sweet spot when their thoughts, feelings, words and actions are in harmony and in alignment with their deepest desires.

“What things soever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them.”  -Mark 11:24

If you can recall an experience where you were fully focused and involved in an activity that you loved, and your immersion in the process of the activity felt as rewarding as the actual desired outcome…Aha, you were connected to your sweet spot.  Instead of hit and miss, imagine what your life would be sweetspot3like if you could consciously energetically connect to your sweet spot and live from there each day. What if at the very least you could sustain living from there for longer periods of time experiencing more happiness and fulfillment of your deep desires?

The questions you would want to ask yourself are, what do you want in and as your life? In other words what is your vision for your life? What does success look like to you? What makes you come alive?  What makes you happy? I love the observation Vishen Lakhiani, MindValley motivational speaker, makes regarding happiness and vision requiring balance. He states that in order to achieve balance there are four stages of mind to be aware of:

  1. Unhappy plus having no vision means you are miserable and in an emotional  negative downward spiral
  2. Happy plus no vision means your current reality is mediocre and that you need to grow and contribute
  3.  Unhappy and have a big vision means because of the stress and anxiety you can’t function

  4. Happy with a grand vision brings you to the sweet spot in your life.

Notice that the sweet spot is the result of being happy along with having a vision. rather than waiting for the achievement of the vision in order to be happy. In case this sounds like a far fetched notion, there is a reason for it. Science tells us that the primal part of the brain wants to survive and likes to build memories of the most negative things that happened in the past. The neural firing pattern of the brain resists change, and as a result, old habits fire at one level because they don’t want to feel the discomfort of new neural firing.

We are also told that thoughts which are the language of the brain have a an electrical charge, and feelings which are the language of the body, have a magnetic charge. So, while some people use their thoughts and emotions to keep them anchored to the past, THE GOOD NEWS IS YOU CAN CHOOSE TO USE ELEVATED THOUGHTS AND FEEL GOOD, UP BEAT EMOTIONS WHICH ENERGETICALLY CONNECT YOU TO YOUR SWEET SPOT AND MAGNETICALLY DRAW YOU TO THE FUTURE.

As we know, everything is energy and your emotions which are colored by your perspective create your experience. In order for transformation to transpire you must change your energy. If your energy and vibrational frequency are in alignment with what you desire, there is a sweet spot space you create for that to happen. As Einstein adamantly declares,”Everything is energy. That’s all there is to it!” He goes on to say, “Match the frequency of your energy with that of the frequency of the reality of what you want and you cannot help but get the reality you want.” So, when you think about it, you can easily see how the vision you create in your mind and passionately believe in, becomes the electro-magnetic charge that becomes the blueprint of your destiny.

The secret of life isn’t what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.”    -Norman Vincent Peale

One of my early personal experiences is a great illustration of this concept and process. At the age of 17, I was a black unwed mother and high school dropout, who had also been arrested for petty theft. Years later I became a born again Christian and through my christian faith began turning my life around. At the age of 33 I proudly graduated from adult night school with a high school diploma. However, the facts and memories of my teenage experiences colored my emotions to the extent that I had huge emotional anchors of shame, embarrassment, anger, and guilt. Additionally, the fact that I rarely saw people of color in professional positions and the fact that I had no clerical experience also served as emotional blocks amplifying my feeling of powerlessness.

You can advance only by being larger than your present place, and no one is larger than his present place who leaves undone any of the work pertaining to that place. The world is advanced only by those who more than fill their present places.”    -Wallace D. Wattles

Even though I was an domestic worker and took great pride in providing excellent service to my employers, my deep desire to find a position in the clerical field motivated me to pursue developing clerical skills. My new found faith fueled my willingness to overcome my humiliation and gave me the courage to face interviewer after interviewer explaining my shadowy past and turnaround.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”    -George Bernard Shaw

I understood I was at a huge disadvantage, and accepted the validity of not being hired for various positions because of my arrest record and lack of experience. However because of the prevalence of discrimination during the 50s I was also aware that  part of the rejection was due to my skin color. There were many moments of discouragement, but what kept me going for almost two years of continuing the interviewing/rejection process was my trust in the Presence and Power of God, and immersion in scripture, prayer, inspirational reading material. The quotes and scriptures in bold letters interspersed throughout this post are some that kept my heart ablaze with determination in the face of what appeared to be an impossibility.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”   -Eleanor Roosevelt”

The occasional  black face behind a counter or a desk that I would see gave me hope that if they could do it, I could also. The good news is my persistence eventually paid off with being hired in the County Purchasing Department located in an industrial area on the backside of the 101 freeway, and I DIDN’T CARE!. It was a huge accomplishment for me. No longer scrubbing other people’s floors, I was now a receptionist/file clerk earning a salary of $282 month.

“The outer world of circumstance shapes itself to the inner world of thought.”       -James Allen

WooHoo! I saw it as a foot in the door of a career ladder of opportunity and I did not take it lightly. This  ladder had many rungs of clerical positions up the government wall and my continuous, study, hard work and persistence moved me from entry level clerk to 12 years later resigning from the position of Clerical Training Supervisor in Staff Development. You might imagine how overjoyed  and grateful I was/am for this early learning and growing experience of my continuing unfolding spiritual journey.

Are you bored with  life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it…and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours.”   -Dale Carnegie

 “Whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” Matthew 21:22

“If God be for us, who can be against us.” Roman 8:31″

Here are some great ways to access your sweet spot. These principles work. Are you working them?:

  1. Visualizing, seeing it mentally as realized.
  2. Prayer, meditation and affirmations.
  3. Reading  spiritual and success books, articles and stories about people in your field of interest.
  4. Taking courses and seminars to improve yourself or your skills.
  5. Choosing perspectives that are advantageous and give you warm, fuzzy, encouraging feelings .
  6. Taking time to develop an even stronger and deeper connection to your faith.
  7. Expressing gratitude for what you have now and for what you want to achieve.
  8. Letting go of past mistakes and keeping your eyes on the prize.
  9. Faithing it until you make it.

All great outward triumphs begin from within as we connect to the sweet spot of our desires located in the center of happiness and vision. Go forth with the fire of confidence in your heart. Kindle it with care and never let it’s brilliant flame go out!

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