Listening To Your Heart

Candy Preston
Candy Preston

Forget faking it ‘til you make it. Fake it ‘til you feel great!”  -Anna del Gaizo

Dear Heartlove.pngFriends,

What’s Going On In Your Heart?

I am not sure if it’s still true as is often said, that most people don’t know the power of their mind. I do believe however, that it is true that most people don’t realize the power of their emotions. Think about it, how often do you look at someone and ask yourself, “I wonder what’s going on inside of their heart?” I dare say, probably not very often. Isn’t  it more likely that you might look at someone and ask yourself, “I wonder what’s going on inside their head?”

Interestingly, the trailer from the new Disney-Pixar movie “Insideout” poses that question. Scheduled to be released in June the film is dubbed as a major “emotion” picture, that invites us to meet the voices inside our head. The five emotions of Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness, are set as characters in the head of a young girl, Riley Anderson. It appears that Joy, Riley’s main and most important emotion, tries to keep things positive, however, the emotions conflict on how best to navigate the changes that are occurring in Riley’s life. Hmmm! Does that sound familiar?

The movie title “Insideout” correspond to the commonly used expressions, ‘as within, so without’ and ‘as above, so below’.

Scripture Quote
Scripture Quote

These catch phrases encapsulate the Law of Attraction’s perspective that whatever thoughts and feelings you predominantly hold within your consciousness, will manifest as an experience in your outer world. In other words, we don’t attract just what we think, but we attract what we think, feel and believe. Two  ancient scriptures that speak to this concept are,  “As a person thinks in their heart [subconscious], so are they,” or so they will become, and “Guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.”

From a psychological perspective the subconscious—90% of the mind—like a warehouse, houses our thoughts and emotions very much like water permeates a sponge. It (subconscious) doesn’t judge, analyze, or rationalize, it simply says yes to the messages it receives via our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Resisting and repressing emotions creates unconscious programing or what is referred to as our shadow. If you have ever asked yourself why you behaved in a way that conflicted with something that you truly desired, you can be sure, it’s the shadow part of your personality sabotaging your true desires.

Heart and Brain
Heart and Brain

Using the heart instead of the head as a model to represent the subconscious gives us an opportunity to explore an expanded spectrum of emotions. Science is showing us that our heart is the strongest magnetic and electrical field in our body, even more so than the brain. This means the feelings we have in our heart are changing the field, so that we have the ability to literally alter our physical reality in remarkable ways.

Levels Of Consciousness

Imaginel a vertical scale within this heart model where the elevated levels represent the subtle, energetic field of your sacred soul. The fulfillment of your deep desires reside in this pure atmosphere. The gateway to this energetic field is through the ascending elevated emotions such as hope, optimism, enthusiasm, peace, compassion, love and other similar emotions. The good news is, consciously hanging out in this elevated atmosphere, you are more connected to who you truly are and like filaments are drawn to a magnet, you attract more of what you want.

Abraham - Hicks Emotion Scale
Abraham – Hicks Emotion Scale

The lower dense regions of the scale represent the ego. This is where descending thoughts and emotions like, anger, hate, disgust, fear, anxiety, sadness, depression guilt, shame and similar emotions vibrate and block access to the higher levels. The other news is, hanging out in this lower vibration, you are further away from your divine essence and like filaments are drawn to a magnet, you attract more of what you don’t want. The value that this lower energetic field provides is, it offers the opportunity to recognize that your current thoughts and feelings are in opposition to what you want and YOU CAN CHANGE THEM.

The Universe Rewards Action

My GPS says, “Recalculating!” when I am not going in the direction I have asked it to guide me. When I hear “Recalculating!” I recognize I am at choice. I can make a course correction that will take me in the direction of where I say I want to go. Of course, I can continue in the direction that isn’t taking me to my desired destination, my GPS doesn’t care. It just continues to inform me that it is recalculating and providing directions from my current location which I can CHOOSE to use or not.

Using this analogy, our emotions serve as our guidance system, if we pay attention to them. Obviously you may not be able to jump from sadness to joy in one giant step, but wouldn’t it make sense to gently nudge the direction of your thoughts and emotions upward toward those that are more in harmony and in alignment with what you want and actually who you truly are?

At the same time that we are describing the range of emotions from low to elevated, other traditions teach there are essentially only two emotions, love and fear. The benefit of noting them here is to remind us of the kinds of behaviors these emotions elicit. For amplification see A Course In Miracles. The following is an  abrieviated synopsis:


Expands                                              Contracts

Reveals                                               Closes Down

Shares                                                Hoards

Lets Go                                              Clings, Clutches

Heals                                                  Attacks

Sends Out                                          Retreats

Opens Up                                           Grasps

Holds Dear                                         Harms

Gives                                                  Withholds

Unifies                                                Separates

What if from an unconscious state of mind you have been operating and reacting for the most part from the emotion of fear? What could change  if you have awakened to the Truth that you are more than your conditioning and programming? As Gregg Braden, author of, “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief” asks, “What would it mean to discover that the power to create joy, to heal suffering, and bring peace to nations lives inside of you? How would you live if you knew how to use this power each today?”

Are you familiar with the statement, “See it right, before trying to set it right”? What if the only thing that needed changing was your perception? “The quest of looking for fulfillment outside of yourself is not the way it works.” Michael Bernard Beckwith, minister, continues to say, “It is an inside job.” Of course,changing our consciousness requires developing  passionate devotional practices. Why passionate you might ask? Because words alone do not attract, but when you feel the emotion along with what you are thinking and speaking, that means your vibration is strong and the Law of Attraction must answer those vibrations.

Faith It Til You Feel It

“Rather then trying to monitor your thoughts,” Abraham-Hicks offers this encouragement, “Simply pay attention to how you are feeling.” For if you choose a thought that is not in harmony with

Emotion Wheel
Emotion Wheel

the way the broader, older, wiser, loving Inner Being part of you sees it, you will feel the discord, and then you can easily redirect your thoughts to something that feels better and which therefore serves you better.”

With practice at giving more of your attention to the way you prefer things to be, you will change your point of attraction and and will experience a substantial change in your life experience. Braden, tells the story of asking a Buddhist monk, “What are you doing when you are praying using mutras, mantras, cymbals and chanting?” The Buddhist monk answers, “You don’t hear our prayers.You don’t see our prayers. What you see and hear are our activating the feelings that are our prayers. The feelings are the prayer. The feelings are the language of prayer.”

Heart Scriptures

I love applying the ancient scriptural perspectives to modern day science and mysticism. The following are some scriptures that offer further insights on the advantage of inspiriting emotions of faith and optimism versus the consequence of emotional dispiriting negativity. My personal application and amplification have been added in brackets.

“The effectual [heart prepared through spiritual practices] fervent [passionate] prayer of a righteous [remembrance of your divine nature] man [person] avails much.” James 5:16

The Psalmist joyously exclaims, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”  -Psalms 37:4

Solomon offers this wisdom statement, “A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.”  -Proverbs 15:13

Think about it, when you pay attention to what excites you, what enlivens you, what you love and are passionate about, and what deepens your sense of connection with the loving part of your Inner Being, and act from that space of inspiration, the Law of Attraction says YES.

Jesus speaking from elevated consciousness declares, “WHATEVER you desire when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them.”  -Mark 11:24


What’s your way of nudging your emotions upward to feel good, better, and even great?

I love hearing from you. As always, on this site there are, videos, affirmations, and meditations to support you on your journey to self-empowerment. (Click on your expand button to access the menu)

By the way, in my last post about releasing doubts and fears I was waiting for the results from some tests to determine if my heart was healthy enough to sustain a knee replacement surgery. The good news is all systems are go and I will be having surgery this Tuesday.  Your passionate encouraging words have been heart warming and encouraging to my spirit. So your continued prayers and good thoughts are appreciated for the surgery and recovery period of several months.

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Releasing Doubts And Fears

Candy & Green Ensemble“You can teach an old dog new tricks, but teaching a human can take awhile.”  -Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer

Dear Heart love.pngFriends

Hot Off The Press Post

This is an in-real-time post. Except for the pending results of some tests to determine the fitness of my body, I am on track for knee replacement surgery at the end of this month.  This should be good news, right! Maybe yes, and maybe no?!?

What I know for sure is, what we believe, we express and experience as our life. I’m all about viewing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. In case this sounds like I am always in that space, I want to expose the machinations of my mind in this situation, because it is a good illustration of how our past conditioning and beliefs can block us from our possible good. It’s also a lesson in how you can use challenges to confront beliefs that may no longer be serving you and use the challenge as an opportunity to remind  you of your divinity.

When my new Kaiser Personal Care Physician (PCP) after going over my records told me that I was able to have knee replacement surgery, it completely shook me up. Several doctors over the past few years had expressed to me that it was highly risky and unadvisable for me to attempt this surgery because of the stage at which the diabetes in my body had progressed, and more recently because of my age, . Since I hadn’t taken advantage of surgery in my younger years, I had resigned myself to accepting my situation and to finding ways to navigate through the pain of walking and at night finding a comfortable sleeping position.

If you have ever received news that sounded good,turtlefear but conflicted with your beliefs, you will understand why I did not immediately hear this as good news and as an opportunity to be free of pain or at least of experiencing less pain? After all, even though my situation was painful and my mobility limited, it was familiar to me and having surgery would require facing the unknown.. Hmmm! Does that sound familiar? Sounds like resistance to change, doesn’t it!

Hostage to Fear or Host to God Consciousness

There is a part of me that would like to report to you that I immediately responded from my spiritual beliefs of focusing on the good and that I received this as a great opportunity. However, the truth is, I did not. As you might imagine, all of the messages of risky and unadvisable I had previously received and accepted flooded my mind, including the post operation pain that is associated with this type of surgery . Having survived a couple of major operations in the past, one of which was breast cancer, I was a little surprised at my fearful reaction to this possibility.

Fortunately, I am one who prides herself in trying to walk her talk. And my innerdimensionsblog theme and belief, “Change Your Life At Any Age” wouldn’t let me indulge in any long term confused state of mind. I began to be mentally challenged about my emotional fluctuations between fear and faith. Getting clear on whether knee surgery was for my highest good at this time or not became a priority. Although still feeling some resistance, I prayerfully asked the Universe, “Am I not already doing awesome things for a woman of my age?” (Hmmm! Was that a laugh I heard?)

Coming from a ministerial and teaching background, you might think I got an answer right away?fear_change.jpg?w=655 Well, NO I didn’t!  But I have had enough experience over the years to know that with fear as the dominant emotion pulsating in my consciousness, I wouldn’t be able to hear the clear guidance for which I was asking. The big issues of consideration for me were whether to accept the surgery as a possibility for improved health and mobility, or decline because of my age, and the yet remaining unknown condition of my body to sustain the surgery.

For a brief time, the “what Ifs” rampaged rent free in my mind. What If your heart isn’t strong enough? What if you can’t finance your co-pay? What if you can’t find the in-home support and  transportation back-and-forth to physical therapy required post surgery?   What if? What if? What if? Have you ever experienced fearful “What ifs”?

As a careful observer of my thoughts and emotions, I came to my senses realizing that I was allowing my mind to be held hostage to beliefs of the previous prognosis’. I knew I had to neutralize and release those beliefs in order to be open to hearing the guidance for which I was asking. And then to being receptive and willing to trustingly surrender to either yes or no, knowing that it would be for my highest good regardless of the outcome.

My Cleansing and Releasing Fear and Doubt Process

In addition to my regular spiritual practices of prayer and meditation, I consciously began renewing my mind with Truth statements and affirmations such as:

  • Because of the ever present Presence and Power of God within, you are not alone.
  • Healing is more than the restoration of physical health. Healing includes the mind.
  • Affirming the truth that God created me to be healthy and whole!
  • All of our needs are met according to the power of faith that works in us.
  • The power that works in us is through our God consciousness. 
  • God consciousness is an ongoing process, so I keep my attitudes and beliefs about myself in alignment with my true nature.
  • The promises of God are yes and amen.

Asking for prayer support and help from others whom I knew prayerwould be encouraging and remind me to trust that I would be guided in divine right action.

As we know, the right kind of knowledge is power.  To empower myself, concurrently with my inner work, I began gathering information from medical sources and attended an informative knee replacement class offered through Kaiser.

It was useful to mentally rehearse many of my past experiences of facing unknown life circumstances and how the faithfulness of God had grown me through them.

Also, reminding myself of my co-creative partnership with the healing Presence of God within, and how it has empowered me in managing this diabetic condition, leading to this expanded possibility.

In addition to monitoring the conversations in my head, I limited my conversations to those people who I felt would express positively about their or my possible upcoming knee surgery experience.

There have been enough positive signs that I have come accept as divine guidance.  I am now offering a confident YES to the Universe. Offers of support have come in different forms and from a variety of sources. My financial concern is resolved, and except for the pending test results, thus far, the physical examinations and lab test that I have taken have all come in with positive results.

surrenderAlthough, I don’t know what the pending test results will reveal, most importantly, I’m feeling free from the destructive emotions of fear and doubt. I have now surrendered  mentally and emotionally and stand in the energetic space of the following affirmation:

“I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of ever-changing life and know that every decision I make is the RIGHT one for me.”    –(Provided by Sharon Preston)

I will update you in my next post on the status of my personal journey.  We are all in a journey of change, growth and becoming more of who we truly are as divine children of God. I trust allowing myself to be vulnerable in sharing my in-the-moment experience will be an encouraging reminder to you that you are not alone. We are in this journey together.

Meanwhile, I love hearing from you. What is your process for moving through your doubts and fears? Or do you ever have any?

As always, on this site there are, videos, affirmations, and meditations to support you on your journey to self-empowerment. (Click on your expand button to access the menu)

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