Transitioning Through Change

Candy's Photo 2“Transition is – – A magic time in the growth of us all. A time when the present beckons to be put in the past. A time when new adventure summons us to grow. A time for excitement and joy to fill the waiting mind. A time for humility and gratitude. A time to access the bumps of life in the road, once traveled. A time to release the pain of love lost. But most of all – – A time to listen to the sweet whisper of Spirit, guiding and directing, A time to notice the large signposts, that simply say –Love and live – –
Heaven this way.”   -Wm. H. Salman

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 Change is Inevitable

I love the above piece by Salman. He encapsulates my upcoming series on change and transition in a poetic way. As we know, change can be thrust upon us or we may initiate it. Either way we are at choice at how we respond and navigate through this uncomfortable in-between period sometimes called the gap, the neutral zone, or the void. Change is happening everywhere. It could be in your relationships, job, career, financial and/or family situation, health issues, aging process, etc. In our  fast-moving technological age we are no longer surprised at how one change in the industry can impact and have a domino effect on the way we do business and life.

It has taken me a long time to become willing to invest time in social media. Now that I have dipped my toes into the internet waters as a blogger, I am understanding the potential for serving more people on a global level. Upleveling my blog in order to expand my reader base, however, means becoming more knowledgeable in the marketing business and more effective in using social media.

After a period of contemplation and meditation, I kept feeling YES in my inner being. I like to apply YES to the idea of —You Evolving Spiritually. So, ramping up my courage, I took a leap of faith and enrolled in 2 programs. A blogging/marketing  program and a coaching program to upgrade my coaching skills, both of which have already expanded my understanding and  knowledge in significant empowering ways.

Embracing Fear-thoughts

I know you recognize that inner fear voice that pops up with reasons why you shouldn’t take the risk do something that’s new, different, unfamiliar and will move you out of your comfort zone. It massages your mind with just enough half truth that makes it sound logical and reasonable, so that accepting it as whole truth becomes somewhat easy. Fortunately, through many fear-based thoughts that weren’t serving my highest good, and through many overwhelming experiences I have grown to recognize that voice, usually very quickly, and can temporarily lullaby it to sleep.

The limiting fear messages I had been getting, however, didn’t make it easy to take those forward steps in order to up-level my ability to serve more people, more effectively.

Scary Messages
Scary Messages

Some of the messages sounded like this: “Candy, you will soon be 88, who do you think you are?” “How much more time do you think you have? People your age have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.” “Most of your peers are already gone.” ” And where do you think the money will come from?” Yada, Yada, Yada! I know you recognize that limiting fear-based voice in your life.

Grow Comfortable with Discomfort

It doesn’t matter how spiritual you may be, you will  find yourself at times uncertain about what actions to take, uncertain about your life, uncertain about your place or purpose in this life. Fortunately, we have choice. You can either choose to remain with what is familiar even if it no longer serves you. img_1098You can gather up the courage to venture out, but rather than experience the discomfort that accompanies change, you can choose to go back to what feels familiar. OR YOU CAN LEAN INTO THE DISCOMFORT AND MOVE FORWARD TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION, knowing that you are being led, guided and inspired  to right action by the Divine Spirit of Love within.

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The questions I’d like us to continue considering in this series are:

How do we find the balance between our head desires and our soul longings so that we live an awakened life in our present-day world?

How do you balance the reality of visible and tangible facts with allowing the invisible vibrational Reality of your soul/heart to evolve?

How do we stay connected to our true self?

How do we learn to listen to our soul’s longings in the midst of the barrage of cultural voices that constantly inform us that we are not enough?

Rev. Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape International, says, “With every problem, there is a question waiting to be asked. With every question there is an answer wanting to emerge. And with every answer there is inspired action to be taken.” 

We’ll dive more into these questions in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned in for the inspirational action that may be a healing answer for you.

YES = You Evolving Spiritually

Academy award winning actor, Meryl Streep advises, “Put blinders on those things that conspired to hold you back, especially the ones in your own head.”  the-reason-people-find-it-so-hard-to-be-happyStephen Covey, Author of The Chicken Of The Soul series, echoes Streep as he emphatically asserts, “You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage -pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically -to say’ no’ to other things. And the way to do that is by having a bigger ‘YES’ burning inside,”  

Moving Forward

You don’t need to figure your whole life out at once.

You don’t have to know what you’re doing.

You don’t have to know how this will all unfold.

Baby Steps
Baby Steps

You won’t know, even if you think you do.

But you can take one next step.

You can own what feels true for you right now.

That next step will provide new perspective and actual data.

You will be a different person because you took that next step.

And that different person will know the next step to take from there.

What’s your next step or inspired intentional focus?

We will unpack these questions regarding change and transition in the following posts. Meanwhile, if you are going through a stage, or phase and would like some support, you may post a comment and invite others to respond with suggestions, or please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you following my cruise.

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Alaska Cruise Update

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WooHoo! We are less than a week from cruise departure. With the most recent donation of $100 and  directly given donations, we have received  a total of $1948. The last donation will cover a driver taking us and picking us up in San Francisco when we return, and allow for  internet access so that I can post a limited number of photo updates. The good news is I can receive unlimited number of text messages and I can post photos post cruise. Through your generous gifts and heartfelt well wishes, the process of trusting that this cruise was a possibility has been heartwarming . And now my heart is beginning to pound with excitement as the date draws closer. Thank you again and may you continue to be blessed always and in all ways. For more details click on:

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