The Power Of Imagination

Candy's Photo 2“Man can only become what he is able to consciously imagine or to image forth.” – Dane Rudhyar

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Set Your Imagination Free

IMAGINE: Your ideal life and what it would look like if money didn’t matter? Have you ever become excited about some new idea or possibility for your life? Perhaps it was to go on a diet; perhaps you wanted to improve your relationship with your partner, your children or coworkers; perhaps you wanted to pray and meditate more regularly; perhaps you wanted to start a new business or a new career path, or lose weight. etc.

IMAGINE: Everything has gone even better then you had imagined. Somehow, over the next five years, you were 25-imaginationable to create the ideal life. Who would you have had to become in order to create it? What would you have had to release and what would you have allowed to emerge through you, as you?

NOW IMAGINE THIS SCENARIO: The excitement you felt about this new idea and possibility for your life, and how you started taking the necessary steps and then  ran into stumbling blocks. You became too busy, you forgot, and you put off your steps for another day. Eventually you decided it was too much hard work and your newly found enthusiasm for this new idea and possibility diminished. You fell back into the old routine and nothing changed or improved.

Have you ever wondered why it is that so many of our new ideas, new habits, new behaviors, and/or new possibilities for improving our lives get lost and are never manifested in our lives? I love the insight to this dilemma given in an article in the Unity of Phoenix newsletter:

“….Jesus knew the answer to that question. He knew how hard it is for all of us to bring about changes in our hearts, in our minds, in our lives and in our actions. He knew that it wasn’t easy,our-imagination-is-our-most-important-tool but he shared the challenge and the answer how we can create real and lasting change in our lives using a well-known parable. In Luke, it says, “No one puts new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise the new wine will burst the skins and will be spilled and will destroy the skin. New wine must be put in new wineskins and no one after drinking old wine, desires new, but says, ‘the old is good.'”

What is this parable is saying? The sense is this: New wine, in the process of fermentation, will burst old bottles made of wine-skins not strong enough to resist the strength of the fermenting fluid; so that there is a twofold loss – both that of the bottles and that of the wine. And therefore new wine must be poured into bottles made of fresh wine-skins, which, by reason of their strength and toughness, shall be able to resist the fermenting energy of the new wine.

“Logic Will Get You From A to B-Imagination Everywhere.”

Think about it…it is not easy to take new ideas into an old consciousness; it is not easy to take new possibilities of seeing into an old way of being. Jesus knew that some times our minds, like old wine skins, can become very rigid and inflexible.

Left/Right Side Of Brain
Left/Right Side Of Brain

When we try to add new habits into our lives it can be uncomfortable and awkward so we tend to fall into the default ways of doing things because they’re easier and take less effort. However, that rigidity of ours not only stops our forward momentum but we end up with an experience of disappointment. The enthusiasm at what initially felt like a divine, inspired idea, now feels futile accompanied by thoughts of “What’s the use, I give up!” Does that scenario sound familiar?

Becoming An Imagineer

So what is the secret to our taking new ideas and bringing them in so that we will have real and lasting change in our lives? It begins with   figuring out what ideas need to break down and decompose so that the transformation of our consciousness process can begin.

Real change isn’t about external behavior; it’s about an internal alignment with the consciousness of wpid-wp-1432391749672what we want to experience. We have all seen lottery winners who in several months time are back in their previous financial situation. Why? Because their consciousness wasn’t aligned with the consciousness of prosperity.

REIMAGINE THIS SCENARIO: If we imagine some greater possibility or goal or idea for our lives let’s remember the powerful story of pouring new wine into old wineskins and realize the only way to have real and lasting change is to let go and have the old ideas decompose to allow the transformation of our consciousness to take place.

Let’s be open, willing and flexible to see greater possibilities and open ourselves to greater opportunities and finally let’s be willing to do the inner work to align ourselves with the very thing we want to experience. We will be amazed at our transformation and how beyond our imagination blessings will flow through every area of our lives!

Meanwhile, I love hearing from you. Are you challenged by the process of maintaining your initial enthusiasm and/or how do you follow through with your inspired ideas?



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