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Prosperity Perspective

The great discovery of the new insight in Truth is that consciousness is the key to all things that happen to us, certainly the key to personal prosperity.” –Eric Butterworth

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I think most of us would agree that the current economic situation has improved significantly over recent years. Nevertheless, with the seemingly never-ending negative reports bombarding us from all sides of the media, it is not surprising that many are feeling tense, anxious and fearful.

Eric Butterworth’s quote in Spiritual Economics, is a wonderful concept to consider, but many people are asking, “What happens when in spite of all that we do, we are still faced with challenges? What happens if we lose a job or lose a source of income? Or what if we have just gone through an illness or divorce that has tapped our resources, and/or drained us emotionally?”

Prosperity Angel
Prosperity Angel

These valid questions reflect some of the responses to the recent survey in which I posted several categories of needs. As you might imagine, the category of finance and career was the primary concern to which the respondents identified as a need.

Butterworth, also reminds us that prosperity is a state of mind, as is poverty. So, I’d like to respond to this expressed need by exploring the idea of prosperity consciousness. As you may know, although there are several levels of consciousness, when we speak about consciousness, we are generally speaking about being awake to something. In most cases we are talking about an awareness of inner powers and capabilities that enable you to be awake to qualities like compassion, love and gratitude.

Prosperity and Deep Desires

The simple, yet profound concept I’m inviting you to consider is….consciousness of prosperity and abundance is our divine right as children of our Creator. Think about it, from where do the unrelenting deep desires that pulsate within you come? You know….those desires that keep coming back, even when you try to dismiss them or try to put them in the background of your mind.

Ancient teachings invite us to look at the root of the word desire, where we find this meaning: de = of + sire = the father. My take away from this exciting insight, is that the deep desires that pulsate within us, are the divine urges of God/Source/Infinite Intelligence/Father, wanting expression in and through us..

Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God (KoG) is within. In fact he urged us not to look for it outside of ourself. Remember the New Testament scripture in Revelation 3:20, where Jesus speaks about knocking on the door of your heart? He continues to say, “If any [person] hears and opens the door, I will come in…”

We know Jesus is not referring to a literal door or a physical heart. So, isn’t it reasonable to consider that he is referring

Consciousness Scale
Consciousness Scale

to the mental, emotional and spiritual part of the individual  called heart or consciousness? Which suggest that the universal, invisible Presence and Power that he at times calls Father, vibrates It’s desire to express in and through It’s creation. Imagine with me the pleasure the Creator “experiences” when It’s creation is open, receptive and responsive to It’s divine impulses. I read somewhere this statement which I love, “God whispers to us in our pleasure, speaks to us in our conscience, and shouts to us in our pain.”

Material and Spiritual Consciousness

The concept that all things are available everywhere in consciousness is difficult to grasp in our ordinary human thinking. And yet, it’s undeniable that most of us innately desire to be vitally alive in every aspect of our life. We desire to enjoy good health and well being. We want to have satisfying and nurturing relationships. We dream of doing work that we love and of having enough money that enables us to thrive, not just survive. Essentially, we want to have a life of material and spiritual abundance.

However, the idea of prosperity is like the idea of success. The energetic field of our culture drives the idea that we are not enough…Not talented enough. Not smart enough. Not educated enough. Not disciplined enough. Not beautiful, thin, popular or hard-working enough… You fill in the ____________.

As a result, It becomes easy to succumb to our surface desires. The illusion and hope is that the outward evidence of prosperity and success will also be fulfilling. Unfortunately, the sense of fulfillment that comes from the finite is only temporary. The truth is, the sacred infinite void within can be only fulfilled by the Divine.

The natural path to a consciousness of spiritual prosperity is based on first health-wealth-prosperity-year-dragonbeing who we have come here to be; doing work we love; then having the material things that we desire as a natural outcome of the process.

The path in consciousness where we shift to first doing, so we can have, and then try to be who we have come here to be, is a path referred to as the “golden handcuffs.” I love the imagery of what this label implies. Unfortunately, this path only temporarily fulfills and leads to a state of discontentment and  feeds into the energetic field of “not enoughness.”

Let’s face it, having material things is wonderful because it allows you to enhance your life experiences, and to serve humanity more powerfully, if you choose. However, having the desire only for material things does not engender a prosperity consciousness.The high probability and more likely scenario is, it produces a poverty consciousness of fear, lack, worry, anxiety and sense of discontentment.

Of course, it would be naive to assert that fear, worry and anxiety are inextricably tied to financial prosperity. Yet, back in the day, I use to joke and say, “Let me have six months of worry about having too much money.” Well, I no longer joke about being willing to accept fear, and worry just to have material goods. It is no longer a laughing matter to me. I have since come to learn how worry and anxiety diminish my inner experience of peace. At the other extreme, Rev. Ike used to say, “The only way you can help the poor, is not to become one.”

Life Changing Lesson

I think it’s safe to say we all have times where our current situation may not be unfolding as we would like. Life happens. Things change and we change. So let me ask you, is it possible to create a state of mind and an experience of abundance and prosperity? Of course, we know it is.  However, the deeper question becomes, is it possible in the face of NOT having the outer tangible resources that society identifies as evidence of prosperity and success?

I unequivocally, confidently say…yes! One of my most powerful life-changing experiences happened during the ’80s. My husband and I were well on our way to creating an investment portfolio, when the real estate market collapsed.

Fear Consciousness

Our intention was to become financially secure so that we could serve full-time in the ministry without monetary concerns. We felt this was a noble intention. When the collapse occurred, we fearfully tried to hold on to our rental properties. We worried, stressed, hoped, and prayed that the market would turn around. Along with many others, we wanted at least to cash out some of our investment.

All of our efforts were futile. Under great stress and duress we agonizingly experienced one by one, the loss of our rental properties. Eventually, our home was foreclosed on,

Belief Consequence
Belief Consequence

Mercedes car repossessed, and the last breaking straw was having to close our real estate business.

My fundamental religious upbringing and teachings served as fuel for my belief about the existence of two powers, God and the devil. I fearfully questioned whether we were out of the will of God? Were we being punished, and/or was our situation a result of an attack of the devil?




Meanwhile, by the time you receive this post I will be at least into my second week of recovery from my shoulder surgery. I am deeply grateful for the support of my angel family and friends, my skillful doctors and caregivers whom I consider to be servants and instruments of God. And I am grateful for the technology that allows me to become the “Bionic Woman.” 🙂

Until then, I leave this beautiful scripture with you, “Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health physically just as you are spiritually.” 3 John 1,2

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