Power Of Your Word Pt 5

Candy's Photo 2What Meaning Do You Give Words?

“We are lifted out of the past, out of fear, out of worry, out of lack, and out of bondage to conditions, any condition, when we cease identifying ourselves with it. Speak a new word today–a word of hope and of faith that with God, all things are possible.”                         -Ellen Grace O’Brian

Dear Heartlove.pngFriend

I want to preface the conclusion of this series by sharing a personal story on how the meaning we give to a word or an event can empower or disempower our experience of it.

I don’t usually like words that label because they are often used in a confining and limiting way.

At the same time, as a born-again introvert-–meaning coming to a fuller realization and acceptance of my introversion preference for reflection, solitude and writing—except when I’m teaching or facilitating a class or workshop—I now find myself joyfully leaning into the label and category of an introvert with extrovert tendencies?!?

Hmmm…more labels. Hang in with me and hopefully it will become clearer.

Here’s what’s interesting about words, even when they have a societal  agreed-upon meaning, the bottom line is they have the meaning we give them based upon our experiences and inner filters .

In my younger years I saw myself as an extrovert, at the time I thought introverts were by necessity shy. And I saw myself as friendly and outgoing.

Personality Types Descriptions
Personality Types Descriptions

Even after slightly exploring the Myers-Briggs Personality Types where I clearly showed up in the introversion field, I continued to refer to myself as an extrovert. I couldn’t put together the meaning I had given my outgoing nature with what the studies suggested about the traits and tendencies of introversion.

However, when I met my husband, Pres, whose personality was far beyond mine on the extroversion scale, the meaning and label I gave him was an “extreme” extrovert.

So, as you can see, I had both of us neatly categorized and fitting into a box that suited the limited meanings I had given to our personalities.

However, overtime I began to gradually back into accepting my introversion traits, as I noticed the situations that stimulated and energized him, exhausted me.

As I learned to listen to my body, it became apparent that in order to feel renewed and reinvigorated it was important for me to have less energetic stimulus and more quiet time for meditation and  reflection.

I, now embrace my expanded understanding of introversion and lean into the  “label” of myself as an introvert with extrovert tendencies.

I’m not sure I’ve made myself any more clear, except to say because of the expanded meanings I have given the words introvert and extrovert, I was able to drop “extreme” from the label I had given Pres’ extroverted  personality. I realized he was just being true to who he came here to be.

I have come full circle. GO FIGURE!

What You Are Speaks Louder Than Words

How do you typically communicate? Do you prefer texting using  abbreviations and/or emojis instead of the actual word, emailing, or

Body Language
Body Language

verbal communication in person, via the phone,, or at the least Skype?

Most language experts assure us that communication Is more than words. In fact, a large part of what is communicated is called body language. It involves the tone, gestures, emotions, thoughts,and the intention of the communicator.

With that being said, based on the Arc of Distortion concept, often what is intended is not what is heard. (I’ll address the consciousness of the listener in a future post)

To get a playful sense of the various ways a word can be expressed depending on the energetic consciousness of the speaker try this simple exercise. Speak the word “Oh” adding the inflection of the image7mood assigned to it:

  • Oh! –  (sad)
  • Oh!  – (angry)
  • Oh! – (happy)
  • Oh! – (enthusiastic)
  • Oh! – (depressed)
  • Oh! – (fear)

This exercise is a reminder that illustrates how a  portion of what we communicate to others comes through the energetic field of our consciousness or our unconsciousness.

Think for a moment what that means.To have an authentic voice it’s absolutely essential that the sound of your voice and the words you speak align with who you are.

Putting First Things First

Remember the riddle ‘which comes first, the chicken or the egg’? Do you ever wonder which comes first, the thought that influences the power of the word, or is it the word that influences the power of the thought?

What if it’s a combination of both?

What if words, without conviction, have no power, and conviction without words have no power?

What if the energetic Life Force within is activated by the conviction behind the word?

What if it is your word that creates a mold which decides which form your thought is to take as it assumes shape and becomes a part of your experience?

What if the greater the consciousness behind the word, the more power it will have.

What if it is our belief, our faith, and the thoughts we hold in mind according to those beliefs that create?

What if our word reveals-the choice point of how and what we will create in our lives?

What Does Your Word Reveal?

No matter what your answers might be to those questions, I think we can all relate to Maria Shriver’s  articulate expression about speaking wrongly at times.

In her recent I’ve Been Thinking post, she poignantly makes this observation, “…We’ve all used the wrong words at the wrong time. I know I have. 42-free-upset-smileySometimes I speak without thinking (yes, I do that). Sometimes my tone changes how my words are received. Sometimes I put the words in the wrong order. Sometimes I’m tired and in a rush and I text or e-mail my words, only to discover that they landed in a totally different way than I intended. Sometimes I can’t even find the right words, much less the right order, and that’s from someone who’s a word lover and a wordsmith…”

I certainly agree that there is the part of us that at times says things that cover-up God’s perfect idea of who we truly are?

It’s at times like these where the spiritual practices of denials and affirmations can serve us.

If you except as I do, the research that has proven that everything is energy and that we are energy systems, then it makes sense that the energy we walk around with creates the situations we get.

Most of us are aware of affirmations, maybe not so much about denials and how they can serve you.

Unlike psychological denial, spiritual denial does not pretend that the situation did not happen. Instead it denies the power that situation  has over you.

Denial is the ability to let go of the old, the outworn, the negative attitude, the incorrect belief. It is also the ability to refuse, to reject. It is the great “nay, nay” saying power of mind.

Denial is the mental process of erasing false beliefs from your mind. These false beliefs could be “I’m not good enough.” “I am not worthy.” “No one takes me seriously.” Etc.

The process of denials and affirmations/declarations help clear away the energy of unresolved feelings, emotions and beliefs that are no longer serving you.

The blocked energy centers prevent the abundance of the universe to flow your way. if we are clear, the energy moves in one direction. If we aren’t clear, the energy moves in several directions, and without full power.

Make your denials as if you were gently sweeping away cobwebs, and make your affirmations in a strong, bold, vehement, positive attitude of mind.”  Charles Fillmore – Teach Us To Pray 

In her Handbook of Positive Prayer, Hypatia Hasbrouck illustrates the         importance of the correct use of denials. Here are examples of a couple of basic forms of denials:

“(This) is powerless to take or keep my good from me.”

“The lack of a job is powerless to take or keep my good from me.”

Here is an example of a comprehensive denial:

“There is nothing in all the universe for me to fear, for the Christ that I am is greater than that which is of the world.”

Speaking a spiritual denial aloud helps to release whatever is no longer working or needed in our lives.

What Do You Believe?

I love this excerpt on letting go of negative beliefs from the book Who Have You Come Here To BE? authored by Rima Bonario, Jane Simmons and Kelly Isola:

Positive Words
Positive Words

“It is our belief, our faith, and the thoughts we hold in mind according to those beliefs that create.… When we let go of those negative beliefs, dissolving the thoughts that are keeping us limited and small, we step into the field  of infinite possibilities.”

They continue to say:

“As adults, we talk ourselves into or out of our feelings based on what we judge as socially appropriate. Over time, we forget how powerful words are in forming who we see ourselves to be This is why negative self-talk is so harmful and why consistent positive mental conditioning is so helpful. When spoken with conviction, joy and enthusiasm, repeated affirmative thoughts become further embedded in our subconscious.”. 

These photos of affirmations and positive words are taken from my vision book titled ‘How To Get Better With Age’.

I am including in print some of the affirmations from my photos as they are not as legible as the positive word photos are.

“Today I monitor my self-talk, making sure IMG_0497that it is uplifting and supportive of me and others.”

“I am my own cheerleader. Life is so good!”

” Anything I think or say–negative or positive–is an affirmation.”

“Positive affirmations create my future while making me feel good in the moment.”

“Today I easily release all that my body no longer needs.”

” I respect my body and treat it with loving care. I choose thoughts and words that make me feel wonderful.”

Positive Words
positive Words

Think about it, when a word is spoken in this consciousness of life, power and action then our word IS life, power and action.

I invite you, if you are willing, for a few days, set an intention to be aware of your communication styles and skills. After you’ve spent some time talking with someone, reflect on what your underlying motives were and what level of depth you reached.

By writing your insights in your journal, this exercise will help you become


more aware and conscious of who you are and why you do what you do. To have real conversation with people may seem like such a simple, obvious suggestion, but it involves courage and risk.

If you are willing to share your insights in the comment box that would be awesome.

Below are two powerful scriptures for your reflection and contemplation.


So also is my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It shall accomplish all I want it to and prosper everywhere I send it.”                  Isaiah 55:11

“The Spirit of the LORD speaks through me; his words are upon my tongue.”  – 2 Samuel 23:2

As we know, we are what we think all day long. Let’s align ourselves with the Infinite Source of Life and let Life flow through us as right action and true expression.

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The Power of Your Word Pt 4

 Connecting To Life and Love With Your Words

Candy's Photo 2“Be Impeccable With Your Word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.  – Don Miguel Ruiz

Dear Heartlove.pngFriend

I am touched by your comments on this series on the power of your word and how it is reminding you of the importance of your day to day practices .

I am hoping this post will incite you as researching it has me, to be even more aware and diligent regarding your thoughts and words. In this climate of extreme negativity lmother-teresaet’s remember now is the time, perhaps more than ever to be mindful of our inner power to mitigate, neutralize, and transcend unwanted negativity. Let’s set and reset our intention to be ambassadors of love, kindness and goodwill. If not us…who? If not now… When?

I am including inspiring excerpts on the power of words to evoke connection, love, and unity, from two different perspectives. If you would like to get right to them, scroll down to the first one beginning with Luther Burbank’s story.

Otherwise, let me share a personal experience of the energetic power that words have.

Back in the day, I used to affirm that I couldn’t grow plants. I would say, “Even cactus die under my care.”

One day in my discouragement over another plant that hadn’t survived under my care,gardenaug10-034 I had an aha moment. I began to question if my words and beliefs were self-fulfilling prophecies. I reframed my underlying belief about my creative abilities and mindset. I began talking to  plants, declaring my willingness to learn what they needed in order for them to grow and thrive. Overtime, they began to grow into beautiful plush plants.

Of course, my experiment wasn’t scientific, but upon reflection it became apparent how changing my thoughts and language shifted my belief to expect a more positive outcome.

Luther Burbank’s Experiment

Now on to the amazing story of a scientific approach: Luther Burbank, botanist, horticulturist and pioneer in agriculture science, over his 55-year career with plants, also, referred to humanity as a human plant needing love.

Here are excerpts of Burbanks’ experiment with creating thornless cactus:

The famous botanist, Luther Burbank, conducted a very interesting experiment. He developed many different species prickleypearof plants and one of his goals was an attempt to develop a spineless cactus. He would take a cactus and remove its spines, to see if it would live and then be reproduced as a spineless cactus. Each time he did that, the plant would die. He replicated the experiment several times without success.”

The Power of a Caring, Kind Word

“Then one day, being an energy-minded person himself, he had a thought – he would talk to his plant. He assured the cactus that here in his laboratory there woulSpineless Cactusd be no harm. He would take very good care of the plant. That there would be no animals or any other creatures that could come in to harm the cactus, even without its spines, and that the plant would be completely safe in his laboratory. And with that, he removed the spines from the cactus. Burbank was able to reproduce spineless cacti. ANDThis time the cactus lived!

Burbank is quoted as saying, “The secret of improved plant breeding, apart from scientific knowledge, is love.” While I was conducting experiments to make ‘spineless’ cacti,” he continued, “I often talked to the plants to create a vibration of love. ‘You have nothing to fear,’ I would tell them. ‘You don’t need your defensive thorns. I will protect you.’ Gradually the useful plant of the desert emerged in a thornless variety.”

Burbank also saw and spoke of humanity as one vast plant, needing for it’s highest fulfillments only love, and he is noted to have said, “I have observed such wondrous progress in plant evolution that  I look forward optimistically to a healthy, happy world as soon as its 

Loving Words
Loving Words

children are taught the principles of simple and rational living. We must return to nature and nature’s God.”


Alicia Hinton’s Inspiring Call To  Action

My friend Alicia Hinton, solo practitioner at her Law Office, A.L. Hinton, recently posted on Face Book a passionate plea asking FB readers to transcend the current negative political climate with words that inspire connection and unity.

Both Hinton and Burbank, as you will notice are dissimilar in their life span and their professions.common-humanity-just-like-myse4 At the same time, I am hoping the similarity of their messages of love strike a vibratory cord not only on FB, but in the global  collective conscious- ness. At the very least, my hope is that it moves us to a  more thoughtful use of our conversations.

I have reformatted for emphasis Hinton’s Face Book post, but have not changed the wording:

“…What I care about is how we can stop focusing on separation and focus on common ground.

Let’s talk about our willingness to dig for a common understanding, for a shared perspective, for a single thought or idea that brings us together.

Let’s not get distracted by candidates.

Let’s get distracted by love, 560166_10151427374636530_552397826_nby a desire to treat each other with respect, by a desire to solve problems together even if we disagree about how to go about it.

Let’s be stronger than the media.

Let’s be strong in our own integrity to justice, to a value system that is grounded in equality.

Let’s demand that a common voice be heard above arguments, power trips, and political wrangling.

if we can’t yet find the right words to inspire unity, perhaps because our role models don’t use words of unity, then….

[L]et’s post pictures of nature,of animals, of innocent children, of things that make us feel connected to each other.

Wow! I know it’s not lost on you the similarity between how Hinton and Burbank end their thought provoking messages with love, children and nature.

Hinton concludes her post with this fervent admonition, “It takes more 

Kind Word Challenge
Kind Word Challenge

strength, more character, more compassion, more faith, more respect, more grace, to seek common ground than to repost criticism. Be a voice far beyond the political debate. Seek common ground.”

Invitation To Play

Instead of my usual  offering of suggested techniques, steps or key strategies to support you in applying what resonates with you, I am inviting you to consider joining me in playing a game of gardening humanity over the next 5 days from a childlike point of view.

What if in your childlike state of mind you were told and believed that humanity is a plant that required your care?     AND

What if in order for this human plant to survive and flourish (become it’s true divine self), was through your super power of loving care?    AND

What if Hinton’s ‘Let us” (above) admonitions are the gardening tools necessary for this plant to flourish?.

Assuming you say yes to playing the game, what will that look like for you over the next 5 days?

Using your childlike imagination to implement the “Let us” admonitions  for caring for this human plant with words, pictures of nature, animals and/or innocent children—of whom you are a part—what practices/tools will you use to support your heightened conversation awareness?

What lifts, inspires activates your creative juices? Journaling? Adult coloring book? Vision board? Photography? Meditation? Music? Dancing? Healthy Eating? Exercising? Affirmations? Likeminded Friends/Community? Etc.

I am inspired to create a vision poster, of which I will take a photo and include in my next post. Your comment or photo may be highlighted as well.

If playing the game doesn’t resonate with you, and you prefer not to play, of course that is perfectly fine. However, would you be willing to comment in the comment box below, on your current practice and state of mind? And how it is serving your soul’s longing to connect with Life and Love?  I promise to read them all.

The main thing is REMEMBER TO VOTE!

Meanwhile here are some scriptures that I trust you will find useful to meditate on as we move closer to election day.

James 3:2  – “For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body”

Proverbs 18:21 –  “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

Proverbs 25:11 – ” A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.”honeycomb-proverbs-16-24

Ecclesiastes 10:12 – “The words of a wise man’s mouth are gracious; but the lips of a fool will swallow up himself.”

As we know, we are what we think all day long. Let’s align ourselves with the Infinite Source of Life and let Life flow through us as right action and true expression.

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