Labor Day Greetings

How do you celebrate Labor Day

“For working people and union members, Labor Day stands for something special and profound. It’s a day to honor the deep commitment each of us has to serve the children we teach, the families we heal, and the communities we love.”  — Randi Weingarten

           Dear HeartFriend,

For many of us our lives however good they may be, are also frenetic with busyness. This post is offered as an invitation for us to take this Labor Day weekend to slow down, rest, renew, and reconnect with family and friends.

For me, the above quote by Randi brought back vivid memories of my childhood when traditionally, Labor Day was marked with a street parade to demonstrate to the public the strength and hardworking spirit of trade and labor organizations. My dad who was a strong  labor leader of the local CIO Butcher’s Union would march with pride for the accomplishments they were making toward workers rights and pay.

The parade was a family affair and we as a family marched with my dad. Observing him as one of the prominent speakers and the accolades he received from the other workers, I marched in the parade with a heart filled with pride of my dad. I remember during one strike, he, along with others were thrown in jail for a fight that ensued from blocking folks who tried to cross the picket lines. The incident was published in several Los Angeles newspapers. My dad’s name was mentioned. We were scared and proud. To our relief they were quickly released. Aaah, what fond childhood memories.

Presently, Labor Day is a day of rest or the last chance for many workers to go on trips before the summer ends. For many students, it is marks one of the last few days before school starts again. In some neighborhoods, people organize fireworks displays, barbecues and public arts or sports events (with the football season starting on or around Labor Day and many teams playing their first game of the year during Labor Day weekend).

Whatever you choose to as a way to celebrate this weekend, remember to include: 

Rest , Renew and ENJOY!

LOL  =  Lots Of Love,





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  1. Dear Candy,

    Thank you for this reminder. For me it brought to mind my father, who was also a union member and at one time shop steward at his company. While he wasn’t particularly proud as your father was, he did benefit quite a bit from his membership, with a pension plan and post-retirement healthcare coverage which was a tremendous help given his diabetes and need for hemodialysis. If not for this negotiated assistance, our family would have faced a much greater financial burden during the last years of his life.

    Your post also causes me to consider how fortunate we in the USA are to have laws and regulations protecting workers and their rights. I was amazed to learn that here in Italy, there is no requirement for small companies to give annual reviews and pay increases, other than a minimal federally-mandated few dollars a month every 3 years. My partner has gone without a raise for 14 years, which evidently is not uncommon!

    So, I give thanks and much appreciation for all that we as Americans enjoy, including this day and weekend of rest, replenishment, and renewal.

    Thank you, Candy, for another thoughtful and timely message!

    With love to all,


    • Linda – while we converse by email and FaceTime on a regular basis, I’m always happy when you post on my blog site. Yes, I sometimes think we forget how we are standing on the backs of people who have struggled and made great efforts to achieve the kind of benefits that we currently enjoy. Thanks for sharing another connection that we have with each other.
      LOL =. Lots Of Love,

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