A Request For Your Valued Help!

 H E L P!

 Nothing makes one feel so strong as a call for help.                                  — Pope Paul VI

Hi Dear Heart Friends,

This post is a request for your help. I’d be so appreciative if you would be willing to offer your opinion on which draft logo (see below) better reflects the idea of inner and outer dimensions.

I have added the domain name of Inner Dimensions Publishing to my Inner Dimensions Blogs and Inner Dimension Life Coach endeavors to support the eBook that I am creating.

For those of you who have been following me for awhile, you know that my passion is facilitating and supporting transformation in our lives with an emphasis on renewing the mind and letting go of the inner blocks that cloud and or cover the bright shining light that we are created to be.

Yet as we explore the many dimensions of our personality and our spiritual life, the body and spirit, surface and depths, the form and meaning, the law and love, we recognize the inner and outer are two sides of the same coin.

Below are the three images that I’ve narrowed down as a possible logo. As I am working with a coach/publisher/designer, your immediate response will be so helpful as we move forward.

Simply indicate your preference for Option 1, 2, or 3 in the comment box, or reply by email. If you choose to comment on how you see the image and why you chose it, that will be useful, but not necessary.  Thank you for your support.  

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3

May you continued to be blessed, kind, and generous in giving and receiving the love you deserve.


LOL   =   Lots Of Love,


7 Replies to “A Request For Your Valued Help!”

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  2. As Always Candy you are a never-ending Inspiration to me. I am so amazed at the growth of your on line work!

    For me option 3 depicts the Eye of the Soul expressing itself outward in a beautiful harmonious way! I Love It and I Love You Candy.
    Thank You,
    Love, Bill H.

  3. All three are beautiful. I agree that butterfly represent transformation. I love the color scheme in both 1 and 2. However I would say my favorite is Number 2 as it draws me into infinity. Whatever choice is made made it will be perfect.

  4. Option 1 is not only the most attractive, but when one considers how a butterfly comes into being, then it becomes the best option by far to me. Our inner dimension–Light–conveys Source for the outer, much like the butterfly’s Source before its transformation. Option 1 just feels good.

  5. Hi Sister Candy, thanks for allowing me to make my suggestion for your logo.
    I select number 1 with the Butterfly, which I feel always represents a “renewing” or “”transformation” which is what you’re all about.
    I’m so proud of you!!! Keep Being the awesome Light and Guiding Star that you are. Love you, Nailah

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