Season Greetings And Blessings

” Consider this: Every thought is a unit of energy, a frequency vibrating with all the qualities of God (love, peace, compassion, etc.) throughout the entire universe.”  Mary Miller

Dear Heart Friend

Although historians are not sure of the exact date, as we know, December 25 is the day when most Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ. The Christmas season is a time when heightened thoughts of love, peace, and goodwill are expressed. Some of us might it a bit more challenging this year to hold the space in our thoughts of love, peace, and goodwill. However, when we remember that we are all connected and that it is in the midst of turbulence and unrest that we not only know the truth, but we live the love that we are.

What we know is, Love is the fabric of the universe and the universe responds directly to our thinking, feeling, and the intention behind our thoughts. If the first line of the old song is, “Let there be peace on earth,” the second and more important line is, “And let it begin with me.” Until peace begins with me and with each of us, there will be no peace for anyone.

However you celebrate Christmas, I wish you peace of the season and beyond, the spirit of love, the comfort of faith and the beauty of yuletide. May the magic and heavenly gifts of the Christ Presence gladden and fill your hearts with joy,


Peace and blessings,



7 Replies to “Season Greetings And Blessings”

  1. Happy Birthday . . . Again!! Sistah Candy. Hope it’s as wonderful as your “early” celebration. Much love to you always!
    Nailah……that last comment is from me; I forgot to put in my name.😘

    • Thank you Nailah for your season salutations, birthday greeting, and identifying yourself. Yes, i have had a unexpected season of celebrating this birthday. It is wonderful.

      LOL = Lots Of Love,

  2. Thank you, Sistah Candy. Wishing you and your family the best of the Holiday Season as well. As always, your message is an inspiration and a reminder of the power we all have to Change and to Become that which brings Peace and Love to us all as a Whole. Love you!

    • You are welcome thanks for the second. I also like Bill’s title for my blogs …. Cyber-Spiritual Guidance and Inspiration. Hmmm! It offers me a different way of thinking about how I serve.
      Happy Holy Days,
      Loving you. – Mom

  3. Dear Candy,

    I’m thinking about all of the helpful Spiritual Inspiration that you have so generously given and that I and many others have freely received throughout this year. When we go to a physical church for that inspiration a basket is passed to give those who are inspired an opportunity to give back with gratitude for being freely given the spiritual Guidance that we came there for and usually receiving much much more!

    With this in mind, I say why not the same for your Cyber – Spiritual Guidance & Inspiration !

    Personally for myself, if at the bottom of your blog there was a “Gratitude” button that would make it easy to contribute some money whenever I am able and moved to do so, I would love that!

    In the meantime Candy, THANK YOU ! and


    • Bill – Thank you for your expansive generous heartfelt suggestion which I am going to give some serious thought to. Among other evidences of your spirit of prosperity, I am remembering you pointing me to the GoFundMe and the Alaska cruise. Your thoughtfulness is deeply moving. Thank you again.
      Happy Holidays and Much Love

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